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GENEWS is the official publication of The UPLB Genetics Society. GENEWS reports the recent activities of the organization and presents literary contributions from the members, advancements on the field of Genetics and profiles of the new members of the organization. The organizational newsletter has been regularly distributed to other organizations in the University and to the participants of major activities of the organization. 

Aside from the print edition, the GENEWS is also accessible in a blog platform, GENEWS ONLINE, in order to capture a wider range of readership. Portable Document File (PDF) formats of the current and previous GENEWS editions are also made available to the public through the GENEWS Archives and ISSUU.


           Academic Year 2018-2019 No. 1 | October 2018

In this issue:

by: Alexis Gin B. Malagotnot (Cybrid)

by: James Raphael Medrano (Replichore)

by: Rainshield Joy Dalupirit (Cybrid)

by: Sean Lemuel L. Santos (Hybrizyme)

by: Renald James Legaspi (Polinton)

by: Angelica Robles (Cybrid)

Compiled by: Sean Lemuel L. Santos (Hybrizyme)

by: Jessica Agustin (Securin)

              Academic Year 2017-2018 No. 2 | April 2018

In this issue:

By: Regina G. Lapuz (Replichore)

By: Blaire de Borja (Helitron)

By: Andrea Kariza Formantes (Cyclosome)

By: James Raphael Medrano (Replichore)

By: Sean Lemuel Santos (Hybrizyme)

By: Renald James Legaspi (Polintons)

By: Louise Jan Lopez (Replichore)

Compiled by: Noelle D. Mercado (Hybrizyme)

Compiled by Noelle Mercado (Hybrizyme)

           Academic Year 2017-2018 No. 1 | October 2017

In this issue:

From Nucleotides to Neurons: GeneSoc to feature the Human Brain in Genetics Week 2017

by: Sean Lemuel L. Santos (Hybrizyme)

GeneSoc to host NIGQC 2017, delves into Forensic Genetics
by: The GENEWS Team 

Golden Rice: Alleviating Global Vitamin A Deficiency through Genetic Engineering
by: Sean Lemuel L. Santos (Hybrizyme)

GeneSoc joins PalaCASan 2017, stands out at opening
by: Regina Lapuz (Replichore)

The Executive Interview

Compiled by: Katrina Dela Peña (Casposons)

Polintons: The Independent Genes

Compiled by: Blaire De Borja (Helitron)

From the German Word, 'Spirem'

Compiled by: Lady Rose Ricel Montano (Helitron)

Promoting Preconception Health: Team Proactive Kabilin, GeneSoc conduct “Araw ng Kabilin” for LB Nanays

by: Sean Lemuel L. Santos (Hybrizyme)

Strengthening K4Health’s advocacy: VYLH, GeneSoc and Calapan City LGU empower the youth for a healthier PH

by: Joana Marie C. Cruz (Cyclosome)

Academic Year 2016-2017 No. 2 | April 2017

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In this issue:

GeneSoc’s K4Health Project among the finalists in 14th TAYO Awards
by Rency Raquid

2016-2017 Outstanding GeneSoc Members
by Jerard Monge

Proactive Kabilin: Connecting Generations Through Preconception Health
by Liabel Pena

Genetics Camp 2017: Marking A New Goal for Sustainable Development
by Jerard Monge

Genesoc Features Genetics in the Electromagnetic Spectrum
by Sean Santos and Joana Cruz

Batch Helitron: A New Splash in the Gene Pool
compiled by Sean Gacutan

Academic Year 2016-2017 No. 1 | November 2016
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In this issue:

Genetics Week 2016: From DNA to Olympic Gold
by Joanna Cruz

GeneSoc hosts PalaCASan 2016
by Jerard Monge and Joanna Cruz

7th NIGQC, a huge start for Genetics Week 2016
by Jerard Monge

Pride in full bloom
by Paul Jhon Diezon

Redefining Gene-by-Environment Interaction
by Rochelle Sarmiento

A new splash in the Gene Pool
by Batch Replicore compiled by Regina Lapuz

The Badjaos: Navigating on uncertain waters
by Jae Joseph Russell Rodriguez

Academic Year 2015-2016 No. 2 | April 2016

Academic Year 2015-2016 No. 1 | October 2015

by Merc Emil Matienzo

by Rency Raquid

by Keach Lotho

by Prof. Jae Joseph Russel Rodriguez