GeneSoc Members in the Limelight of Preeminence

By: Andrea Kariza Formantes (Cyclosome)

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For the past 33 years, The UPLB Genetics Society has been embodying excellence through its members’ unyielding passion in their fields of interest and chosen careers. As they continue to express passion and excellence, the members have garnered countless achievements and awards along the way.  And now, as the organization embarks on its 34th year, GeneSoc still continues on bringing home the bacon as new achievements and awards have been received by outstanding Genesoc members.

Honorary Members

Dr. Carmencita D. Padilla, an honorary member of the organization, was recently conferred the 5th R. Rodney Howell Award for Excellence in Newborn Health at Minneapolis Minnesota, USA in 2017. She was also reappointed as the Chancellor of the University of the Philippines-Manila. She currently serves as the National Adviser of VYLH Philippines.

Another honorary member who garnered an award is Dr. Maria Corazon De Ungria. She was recently recognized by the Civil Service Commission as one of the 2017 Dangal ng Bayan Awardees. She is currently the Head of the DNA Analysis Laboratory, Natural Sciences Research Institute at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Alumni Members

GeneSoc alumni members were also able to showcase their passion and excellence in their respective fields by passing the 2017 licensure and certification examinations. Just recently, Ms. Lara Melissa G. Luis (Allozyme) and Mr. Melvin Rebarter (Phagemids) recently passed the December 2017 Certification for Registered Microbiologists. In the field of agriculture, Ms. Shaira F. Bañega (Polylinker) passed in the November 2017 Agriculturist Licensure Exam. In the field of education, Ms. Kristine Ann G. Gomez (Euchromatin) became a newly-licensed teacher when she passed the November 2017 Licensure Examination for Teachers. Lastly, in the field of medicine, Dr. Ma. Gia Ana Gazmez (Euchromatin) and Dr. Jonathan Emmanuel Cancio (Cosmids) recently passed the September 2017 Physician’s Licensure Examination.

Our GeneSoc alumni not only excel in their careers as professionals but also in civil service and leadership. Last year, one of our alumnus, Mr. Neri O. Camitan (Nucleosome) was recognized by the Civil Service Commission as one of the 2017 Presidential Lingkod ng Bayan Awardee.

Resident Members

GeneSoc residents have also shown excellence in their academics. Last year, Mr. Sean Lemuel Santos (Hybrizyme) and Ms. Anlene Jane Rocha of (Genophore) were awarded as the Top 3 and Top 7 CAS Students (Junior Level), respectively. In addition to that, during the 1st semester of A.Y. 2017-2018, 8 GeneSoc residents were recognized as University Scholars, 7 were College Scholars and 5 were Honor Rolls.

With all these awards and recognitions added on the long list of the organization’s achievements, we commend our outstanding members for always being an inspiration to achieve more and be one of the top by transcribing relentless passion and excellence in the service of people. The organization will always be proud of its members’ achievements.