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BIO 3O Week: Plunging into a Continuum of Gender Dimensions

By: Regina Lapuz (Replichore)

For 34 years, The UPLB Genetics Society has been actively promoting the creative appreciation of the science of Genetics in the Philippines. With the span of time, the organization has innovated several activities in order to do so. One of which is by conducting a week-long activity, the BIO 30 Week, to deepen the understanding of students for the science of Genetics. During the past years, BIO 30 Week’s audience has been the Bio 30 students and the invited high school students. This year, the organization is taking a bold move to expand its reach and involve all students who are taking Genetics courses, who are interested to deepen their knowledge in Genetics and who are yet to discover the field.
With the theme, “Beyond Binary: Exploring the Genetic Realm of the Gender Spectrum”, BIO 30 Week will feature the genetics behind our sexuality to expound beyond the dichotomy and reveal the spectral puzzle that defines us, as it aims to raise awareness regardin…

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