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Batch Genophore: A New Geno-Power

Compiled by: Noelle Mercado (Hybrizyme)

First coined by American cytologist Hans Ris, Genophore is basically the chromosome equivalent in prokaryotes, viruses, and some organelles. The term genophore means "gene-holder" which refers to its genetic behavior—to contain the DNA. With its significance in understanding genetic processes in prokaryotic systems, the 105th batch of GeneSoc was named after it. Batch Genophore is a solo batch membered by Anlene Jane Rocha, or simply AJ. She is a 3rd year BS Biology student majoring in Genetics. To know more about AJ, here is a short narrative where she talks about her interests, passion, as well as personal experiences.
Anlene Jane Rocha AJ is an introspective, idealistic and theoretical thinker. She has a strong affinity to academic knowledge as she fancies reading books on science & technology, psychology, philosophy, science fiction and memoirs.  She likes to become a well-rounded student rather than angular and, likes to know a…

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