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From Nucleotides to Neurons: GeneSoc to feature the Human Brain in Genetics Week 2017

By: Sean Lemuel L. Santos (Hybrizyme)

With the theme, “Gene-Wired: Transcribing the Genetic Blueprint of the Human Brain”, The UPLB Genetics Society will feature how genetics relate to the study of the most complex organ in the body. From October 9-13, GeneSoc will fire up neurons as it conducts the Genetics Week 2017 at the Wing C lobby of the Institute of Biological Sciences in the University of the Philippines – Los Banos. It will showcase in its exhibit a wide array of relevant topics that delve deeper into the human brain through the lenses of genetics. _______________________________________________________________
The brain is the most complex organ in the body. It controls our sensations, allows us to speak, coordinates our movement, dictates when we will sleep, and many others. But deep beneath the complexity of our biological supercomputer lies the complexity of its genes. Like any other organ, the brain is a product of an expressed information – the genes-in-action. The genes …

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