Batch Replichore: A New Splash in the Gene Pool

By Batch Replichore
Compiled by Regina Lapuz

She was born shy and quiet but at times, she can be eccentric and energetic. However, in both cases, she is a deep thinker and someone who likes to extend a hand to other people as long as she can. She is adaptive to the changes in her environment in a way which she thinks is best for all. Around her friends, she’s the sarcastic yet serious person that cheers everybody up. She was raised to see the world as a challenging place yet full of wonders and possibilities. The Air, the element associated with her Aquarius nature, which means the rarefied air of the intellectual. She likes accomplishing things with broad and logical mind, entertaining ideas for the betterment of all. She has a visionary, independent and progressive soul who loves to spend time thinking about how things can be fun and better. Although she is the type of the person who lives in the present, she also the one who is nostalgic of the past and enthusiastic of the future. She loves reminiscing, that is one thing for sure!

A dreamer, explorer, a true free spirit. He has a very common face, voice, looks and does not stand out too much. People may see him as your typical “ordinary man” but when you get to know him, you will realize that he is actually extraordinary. He has this extraordinary laugh that will make you smile, a sense of humor that will make you laugh, and a warm personality that will make you want to befriend him. He classifies himself as an ambivert, an outgoing introvert and a reserved extrovert. He likes to try new things, explore different places and talk with strangers. He has a curious mind that seeks for stories, open arms that want company and a warm heart that is filled with love – love for friends, family and for himself. An ENFP and a Virgo. Freeman is the second and the youngest child in the family. Born in Lucena and raised in Laguna. He is an energetic and enthusiastic young lad that knows when and how to procrastinate. He is highly emotional yet logical at times. He does not put his confidence on his looks yet he is conceited when he is with his closest friends. He has creative ideas yet he finds it hard to convey them. He is an open book. He has an expressive face that turns red when he is embarrassed or delighted. He is willing to risk looking like a fool – for love, for his friends, for his dreams and for the adventure of being alive.

She is the type of girl people read books about. Innocence is marked on her face. An adventurer, and courage is her middle name. She is a more complex type of person especially on her works since she is always up to the challenge but she can be deceiving because she is nothing out of the ordinary. A girl who always asks for signs before making a life-impacting decision. The smile she greets with everybody is enough to brighten up one’s day. Someone who strives to be a better version of herself, Regina Gecolea Lapuz, who prefers to be called Reg. Like the empty pages of a journal, her wonderful story is yet to be written. Though her life is full of beauty and she is full of capabilities, she is still clueless and despite the criticism of the world and the natural process of change in a person, not only does she sees the good things in life, but is also brave enough to venture it. As she sees every good thing in life, she loves giving her friends and family advices that there is always hope for tomorrow brought about by her enthusiasm and optimism. 

Mozart said, “Go on a journey.” That to believe is to succeed, to dream comes with the ability to accomplish and to be able to move forward is a gift. Never stop and do good until good is better and better is best. He looks for the stars and stands firm on the ground. He knows that determination is not found but is felt. He thinks that with the confidence, will and desire to act can one go the distance. He believes that problems are not obstacles but the reasons to try. Jan is just another normal teenage boy that finds happiness surfing the internet, playing games, reading books, and watching movies and TV series but he mostly spends his time studying and daydreaming. He is easy to start a conversation with and would gladly jump in on the fun and jokes. He likes people with a good sense of humor, easy to talk to, replies fast, and is nice. He loves people with beautiful eyes, looks good on a ponytail, loves the color black, is funny, and smiles a lot. But more than anything, he values trust, loyalty, and friendship. He is easy to approach and would happily stop by and talk when you see him on campus!

He is the kind of person to be kind and at the same time generous. He takes life seriously and as a result, his outputs are beyond most people’s expectations and aspirations. He does not have to lead to be in control. Although he can be impulsive when it comes to handling his money. He is someone who can be very protective of his family and friends. He has a determined and stable nature. When it comes to expectations and goals, he is grounded and very realistic. His appreciation for material things and the beauty of nature is remarkable. He is the type of person you can count on when things go downhill
in your life. He will be very willing to lend his hand and ears.

Being an archer of hearts, people don’t find it hard to like him. He is the type of person to be both intense and passionate. His sense of spirit and determination is remarkable. He is blessed with this calmness and so much devotion on every goal he sets. He comes across as slightly removed from others but that doesn’t mean he is not sociable. It’s just that there is this sensitive part which seem to reside in him. 

Uriah was born in a family with four siblings raised in the small quiet city of Tangub. He believes that by giving your best effort, you can achieve anything you want. He loves to go to different places. He is especially fond of those that nurture his passion for learning and the ones that allow him to know more about the world and about himself. He likes pizza, indie music, dogs, books and coffee. He hopes to become a doctor someday. 

He was the one who wished for the stars but instead was given the sun. Every time you see him at any day, he is seen smiling, talking to other people, and dancing. He welcomes anyone with a hug. He’s the batch’s resident financial officer who ironically is the biggest spender among us. He’s in love with the start, anime, poems, and Pokemon. Aiming to become the very best in his chosen field, he is James Raphael Medrano, James to his closest friends and Rap to all. Like a book, his cover gives you a hint of what is happening inside him but written on the page is the real story which one might not sometimes expect. He’s the punctuation marks of every phrase, clause and sentence. He likes order and flow. He like how a single symbol can change the whole atmosphere of a sentence. Like the punctuation marks, he became involved in giving life to reality, in making his own poetry and dreams. He likes creating something beautiful from a destruction. He’s what one would call an optimist.

An enthusiast of sports and automobiles, Arion is someone who you could talk to at lengths about his interests. He has been playing for GeneSoc’s basketball team and has formed meaningful relationships even before he joined the organization. However, his friends weren’t the only ones that drove him into joining the organization. He sees the GeneSoc’s activities as something that would incite and develop skills that he hasn’t fully realized he had.

Ayah comes off as sweet, gentle and caring to everyone at first sight. True to this, she enjoys every moment she spends with her friends and tries to remember those with photographs. She likes to take pictures of special moments and treasures them with her heart. Some people see Ayah as someone who has her priorities set straight, someone who could balance her time for academics and extracurricular activities with ease. 

Currently a BS Bio Sophomore, he is having a hard time choosing the field of Biology he’ll focus on. He still takes time exploring his decision-making skills because he thinks that he always selects the bad
choices when he deals with his problems. His modest and timid nature makes him unsure about the way he interacts with other people. Only when he finds himself comfortable with a person is the time he’ll show his true self. He enjoys his time alone listening to music, doodling, reading a book, watching a movie, thinking about his future or being a mutant in the Marvel universe. He believes that academics alone cannot serve as his main stepping stone to his dream career as a doctor, as such he learns to deal with different kinds of people, preparing to face the ‘Real World’ once he graduates from college. As he is currently in the process of pursuing his dreams, he is still trying to take on and handle his responsibilities with the help of God, his family, friends, and GeneSoc.#