Batch Cybrid: A Fusion of Fresh Minds

Compiled By: Noelle D. Mercado (Hybrizyme)
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Cybrid, or cytoplasmic hybrid are made by combining one cell from an organism and a cytoplast or an enucleated cell of another. Since cybrids are mixtures of nuclear genes of one organism and mitochondrial genes of another one, they are usually studied to dissociate the contribution of the said genes. Being the youngest batch of Genesoc, know more about how these gals contribute each of their own distinct and admiring personalities to the gene pool.

Image may contain: 1 person, standingPeople often have the misconception that she is a snob. On the contrary, she just has a shy personality. Behind her austere look is a sweet girl with a pure heart. Once you get to know her, she is a person who likes to spread positivity around her and always try to see the good in everything. Saina envelopes people with a blissful aura, which lasts longer than any human beauty.


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, sky, outdoor and nature The amount of effort she exerts for the things she love has always been the best attribute about her. Her interest in films and books have not always been orthodox, but even then, she finds a way to connect to the people who wafts in the same breeze as her. Alexis’s unfaltering fascination with the field of forensics have persuaded her to instead, study science, and not the arts; although it manifests that she always carries with her her passion for both fields.

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingWith the sense of indifference her gleaming, unforgiving eyes seemed to convey, Rain is constantly mistaken for someone who is peevish. But when you take time to know her, you will recognize not cruelty, but the passion stirring underneath her gleam. She is someone who is fond of novels, for she loved the idea of cliffhangers, leaving you full of doubts yet a promise of return hangs in the midair. Being the jovial person that she is, you may occasionally hear a bellow of laughter resounding from her lips, or see a bright smile spreading on her face. She loves going on adventures, making crafts, and taking photos of anything her mind perceives as beautiful. She is in love with the stories of the people around her, and she yearns to go beyond the horizon of conventionality.

Angel, to her family, or Angge, to her friends, is a high-spirited and soft-hearted girl. She finds warmth and comfort in the company of her family and tiny circle of friends yet finds joy in meeting new people. This is why people do not believe that she really is a shy a person because she can be really chatty even at your first meeting. Behind her meek appearance is a valiant mind but when distress does come, introspection helps her to reorient and to keep herself sane. She is also a firm believer that everything and everyone in our life is a blessing from where or whom we can learn a thing or more. As she joins The UPLB Genetics Society and steps out of her comfort zone, she had already expected that new doors of possibilities and responsibilities will open for her. She sure knows that it will not be an easy ride but, for her, with this group of people, every twists and turns can be made memorable and worth-remembering.