GeneSoc retrieves 1st GENEWS newsletter dated October 1984

FIRST EDITION. The photo shows the header of 1st Newsletter of GENEWS released on October 5, 1984

By: Sean Lemuel L. Santos (Hybrizyme)

LOS BAÑOS, LAGUNA–History lives again for The UPLB Genetics Society (GeneSoc) as the GENEWS Team retrieves a copy of the very first issue of the GENEWS Newsletter which was released on October 5, 1984.

This historic document was given by Prof. Celia Dela Viña who is a former professor of the Genetics and Molecular Biology Division of IBS and also a former junior adviser of GeneSoc during its early years.

The newsletter is composed of four parts: News, Editorial, Did You Knows and Literary. The News section contains 9 articles, the Editorial has 2 articles and Did You Knows and Literary have 4 contents each.

The 1st article of the newsletter is a headline about the recent formation of The UPLB Genetics Society.  It was stated in the article that 20 students formed GeneSoc on December 20, 1983 at the Horticultural Science Lecture Hall. The constitution of GeneSoc was said to have been ratified on February 5, 1984. In the first year of GeneSoc, Dr. Liwayway M. Engle was the senior adviser, Prof. Celia Dela Viña was the junior adviser, and Mr. Paulino Daniel Cepeda was the president.

One interesting article of the newsletter is the editorial entitled, “Cornerstone of a Society” which reveals the philosophy behind the formation of GeneSoc. The writer notes that “it is the hope of the members that it will be able to contribute – even a little bit – to genetics in ways that will benefit mankind intellectually as well as in practical terms”. The writer also adds that GeneSoc looks forward in expanding both the knowledge and appreciation of Genetics.

Short History

The GENEWS Newsletter originated from The GENE NEWS which was the monthly news publication of the Genetics Group of UPLB (now Genetics and Molecular Biology Division). The GENE NEWS had its first release in February 1982. In 1984, it paved the way for the creation of GENEWS, now the official publication of The UPLB Genetics Society.

Below is the list of articles found in the 1st newsletter of GENEWS:

A. News
1.      Genetics enthusiasts form organization
2.     GeneSoc wins first three trophies
3.     GeneSoc-STATS tandem hits bottom at PalaCASan
4.     Molecular biologists leave town
5.     IBPGR turns 10
6.     Board appoints Ramirez as dean for 2nd time
7.     Sedano leaves for Beijing
8.     Payawal hints need for change in curricula
9.     IBS sponsors numerous projects

B. Editorial
1.     Yes, Hybrid Rice and Male Sterility
2.     Cornerstone of a Society

C.    Did You Know That
1.     Protein can be translated directly from DNA
2.     Peanut oil has mutagenic properties
3.     Some fruit varieties have arisen by spontaneous somatic mutations
4.     Eugenics was known to Plato

D.    Literary
1.     A Little Flower, by Joy Concepcion
2.     I Should Be Me Not We, by Rey Umali
3.     Wake up! Wake up! The Sun is Setting in Your Life, by Rey Umali
4.     Thoughts

To view the full text of the 1st GENEWS Newsletter, click here