The Executive Interview

Compiled By: Ma. Katrina Dela Peña

Recently, the 34th executive committee of The UPLB Genetics Society was interviewed to answer a question that relates to the nature of their mandate. It has been months since they were inducted and it is good to know how they see and do things differently, now that they are in the “seat” of the organization. This is what they have to say:

What motivates you to lead an academic organization despite being busy in your academics?

“No one/nothing motivates me more than the members, the organization itself. In GeneSoc, the accomplishment of one is the accomplishment of the whole. Seeing them happy, whether it be for a successful event or a good academic grade, is motivation enough. Being a leader and being a student is difficult yet rewarding, but nothing is a priority over the other, both responsibilities are equally important.” Rozel B. Razal (Aptamers), President

How do you approach members who have personal problems?

“There is no universal rule on how to help people with their problems especially because people have different personalities and perspectives. As the membership committee head, I always make it to a point that they (the members) see me as someone they could confide and listen to their problems without any judgement or bias.” Marie Alessandra T. Reyes (Casposons), Vice-President

What is the most important attitude that a secretary must have?

Detail-oriented. From permits to letters to minutes, detail is inevitably important. I think it's vital that a secretary must have a good eye for details. Especially when everyone is looking at the bigger picture, the secretary should be the one to see if the group missed small details which could sometimes be a major turning point of an event. As the secretary, people would ask me how I manage to remember important details. Honestly, I tend to be forgetful so I always make it a point to write it down – Ma. Katrina Dela Peña (Casposons), Secretary

How do you manage your stress when organizing the org’s finances?

“I drop everything and run. Running calms my nerves and gives me time to think and organize my thoughts and ideas. When running isn’t an option, I resolve things over good food and good company (usually my fin comm). Most times however, when everything feels like it is set on fast forward, a few deep breaths would do.” –Hannah S. De Jesus (Cyclosome), Treasurer

Why is it necessary for an organization to be socially aware and active?

“Stay woke” a mainstream term in our society nowadays has turned social awareness into a whole new level. Being a socially aware and active organization can safeguard us against the blindside by being a catalyst of change and knowing our roles. It will mold an organization to become aware of its surroundings and dig deeper into the issues of society. Staying aware helps to develop empathy that involves putting oneself in another’s shoes and understand their situations better and with broader perspective. It is a right to have become socially aware and it is a right that’s not difficult to earn. #StayWoke” –Ahllyzzia Irish A. Montifar (Hybrizyme), Public Relations Officer

How did the science of Genetics help our society improve?

“Through genetics we learned about our gene, our ancestry, our origin. It contributed to the elucidation of how organisms came about. And as this field progresses, it continuously provides new technologies which can help in the betterment of the human race. Examples of which is its contribution in the field of forensics and medicine.” –Joana Marie C. Cruz (Cyclosome), Education Committee Head

How does the use of art help in communicating Genetics and other sciences?

“Genetics for some, is quite a scary subject and to use art to convey meaning can transform complex concepts into simpler terms with the use of pictures, visual aids, and other art forms. Since most concepts in genetics involve molecules that are too small to be seen, art helps by providing broader and better picture of biology that can be appreciated and understood.” –Sean Timothy B. Gacutan (Helitron), Projects Committee Head