GeneSoc joins PalaCASan 2017, stands out at opening

By: Regina Lapuz (Replichore)
Genes posing for a photo after BuCASan 2017, the opening ceremony of PalaCASan 2017
LOS BAÑOS, LAGUNA – After previously hosting the annual sports event, The UPLB Genetics Society is back again as a contender among the 14 orgs competing for the title of PalaCASan 2017 overall champion.

In the recent opening ceremony dubbed as BuCASan 2017, GeneSoc displayed its showcase of talented brods and sisses during the opening’s Mr. and Ms. PalaCASan and Org Gimmick competition.

Among the 14 competing groups, The UPLB Genetics Society was one to look out for with their representatives for Mr. and Ms. PalaCASan: Mr. Jim Allen P. Diezon and Ms. Cherlstin Grace E. Balisi as well as the participants of the org gimmick comprised of the baby batches: Helitron, Spireme and Polintons.

In line with this, the Genews Team got the chance to interview some of them to share their feelings and thoughts regarding the most anticipated event.

Genews: What were your thoughts regarding the pageant?

Cherlstin Balisi (Ms. PalaCASan 2017 candidate):
“It was never unusual when I found out that I would be the one representing Ms. PalaCASan for the UPLB Genetics Society since joining pageants was second nature to me but still it felt different. It was surreal. After long and tiring weeks of preparation, the BuCASan event finally happened. I felt okay at first before the entrance but the moment we entered DL Umali I felt a gushing feeling of nervousness causing my body to shiver due to the hype, excitement and banging sounds of cheers and yells from each individuals rooting for their favorites. And based from what I saw, it was evident that losing was never an option from these different organizations.”

Jim Allen Diezon (Mr. PalaCASan candidate):
“Apparently, Che and I were apprehensive particularly at the beginning of the pageant. Well in fact, that was my very first pageant over the past 10 years. I actually participated in a pageant amidst grade school. This time, it was somewhat different. Perhaps, the audience had an impact even the other participants whose composure had led them to not feel any pressure. But during the course of sashaying, I would consider that the tension we had on the first part actually vanished and was instantly replaced by confidence. I still can’t explain what happened but I’m telling you until the latter part of the contest, Che and I refused to falter.”

The event started with a dance performance from the contestants which was followed by the Sportswear category. And even though last to walked on stage, Ms. Balisi and Mr. Diezon were sashaying along with a tennis apparel while demonstrating some skills related to the sport.
Mr. and Ms. GeneSoc posing during the sports wear competition
The next showcased event was the talent portion wherein Mr. and Ms. Genesoc, clothed in white, performed a heart felting yet melancholic interpretative dance that portrayed a young boy compelling his lover to return his affection.  
Mr. and Ms. GeneSoc performing during the talent competition

After a series of org gimmicks, the most awaited part of the pageant was the creative wear since in this segment, the organization had the chance to express their own interpretation in accordance to the contest’s motif.  Ms. Balisi was wearing a dragon egg-inspired costume with a medieval crown whereas Mr. Diezon’s attire was based from a dragon hunter using the skull of the beast as his head attire.
Mr. and Ms. GeneSoc posing during the creative wear competition
Org Gimmick
Subsequently, the last but certainly not the least performance by the baby batches had encountered quite a few technical difficulties. Nevertheless, it didn’t fail to let the audience experience the thrill and suspense that pierced on the horrible issues of extra judicial killings and the Oplan Tokhang.

Lance Lopez (Org Gimmick participant): “During the preparations, everyone was just chilling out as the plans were discussed. As the event comes to a close, the feelings of pressure and anxiousness dominated my emotions resulting to a more serious practice with my associates. At the time of competition, most of them were just relaxing while I experience numbness from head to toe especially when our music did not immediately played. It all happened like a breeze.”

Marlon Rex Tan (Org Gimmick participant):I felt very nervous during the event because I can feel the hype and pressure from watching all the other orgs' gimmick wondering if we'd be able to outdo them. Throughout the preparation I felt happy no kidding because I can see, evidently, each member's cooperation especially the head and that's what you would want to achieve in a group work. Overall we made it an enjoyable time”.

With the awarding of contestants, genes shouted out a cheer spelled as “G-O-O-D –J-O-B! GENESOC!” and that long yell became the most significant factor in boosting and enhancing the confidence and poise of the competitors.

Lady Rose Montano (Org Gimmick participant):I have never quite imagined myself to be an accent of a play or the muse of the stage. It was one of my unreachable dreams, thanks to my nerves and queasy guts. But it does not belong to the playlist of unobtainable hopes anymore. It’s because I’ve got to perform with the best people. That September night was awesome. Performing to a multitude of foreign faces was indeed frightful and exciting and frightful again. It felt like my insides were having a rock band concert like no other. But the performance was not the best part for me. It was the people rooting for us – all cheering and yelling ‘til their voices became hoarse and scratchy. I have never been so thankful for them. My soul’s been touched by all the support and love. You’re the best, Genes”.

Ms. Balisi: “It was a different sensation when it was Genesoc’s turn to shine. It lessen the tension I was feeling in that moment. The sense of overwhelming support from genes ensured that I wasn’t the only one competing in the pageant because together, we all are. And after hearing those shouts, Jim and I just went with the flow like it was completely normal. Although we did not received any award, at the end of the day, Genesoc was still proud of us and besides, we were not after the achievements, but the experience and enjoyment were considered.”
Palacasan is an annual multi sports event joined by College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) academic based Organizations.  This event not only showcases the athletic spirit of each representative, but also strengthen the amity and promote sportsmanship between the members of the organization.  It consists of three events, BuCASan, the initial opening of PalaCASan, the game proper, the long recreational activity and lastly, WaCASan, the closing ceremony of PalaCASan.