From the German Word, 'Spirem'

Compiled by: Lady Rose Ricel Montano (Helitron), Joana Marie Cruz (Ed.) (Cyclosome

In the late 1800s, a German histologist by the name of Walther Flemming first coined the term "spireme" to refer to tangles of chromatin threads that are formed during the early phases of cell division. After its formation, this structure undergoes fission to form the chromosomes which contain the genetic information of an individual. And with its role in the process of cell division, the 103rd batch of GeneSoc was named after it.

The members of Batch Spireme are Lance Lopez and Micko Alojado. These two are both Batch '15 BS Biology students, majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology and Zoology, respectively.

To know more about the newest member of the genepool, here are short biographies which narrate their personalities and life experiences.

Lance Lopez 
When Lance was a child he had lots of opportunity to play with toys. In such activity, he was limitless. He can turn mono blocks into buildings, ice cream boxes to elevators and shoe boxes into cars. As he got older, he began making toys of his own from scraps or broken toys, anything that can be a part of his invention. This is where he found his greatest strengths – imagination and creativity. Unfortunately, as he became more aware of his environment and the realities of the world, the sparks of creativity and imagination faded. His life became dull, passive and cyclic. He soon suffered from being oblivious. He forgets many things, may it be a lesson just discussed or a pleasant memory from a recent event. Lance is a practical and simple person. Sports is also one of his comfort zones because he feels freedom and delight every time he runs. You would not see him talking often because of his poor social skills, but beneath the silence you will find heaps of ideas, thoughts, and opinions about the world. All of which are waiting to be shared.

Micko Alojado
Micko Alojado is the kind of person that you would tend to forget after seeing him once. He is not very social, keeps only to himself, and rarely speaks to anybody outside his small circle of friends. However, due to being the overly self-conscious person that he is, he easily saw the need to widen his horizons. Micko always wanted to become better but his laziness and fear of confrontation always get the better of him. It was only after a ridiculously long time of contemplation that he finally mustered up the courage to start turning his life around and join The UPLB Genetics Society so that he can start living to serve people other than himself. Despite not being the biggest fan of student organizations, he sought to be more open-minded about them and to experience life outside his tiny circle. Though he is afraid of what is to come, he does not let this hinder him from trying to do his part in the organization because he knows that this is for his own good. Knowing this, he soldiers forward and ventures into a new chapter in his life, completely alien and different to anything he has experienced so far.     

The newest members of this organization hopes that their enthusiasm for promulgating the science of Genetics will not end. They desire to spread written messages within our genome and inspire others to explore the simple, yet exquisite chemical backbone of life.

Becoming part of this society, Lance and Micko will now embody the objectives and the purpose of The UPLB Genetics Society. And like spiremes which will eventually condense and form chromosomes, these two young geneticists will likewise craft themselves up as excellent and strong-willed carriers of GeneSoc's legacy.