Straight to Calderon Hall: Morel Dominic Umipon (Proteasome) qualifies for UP College of Medicine

By: Sean Santos (Hybrizyme)

Morel Dominic Umipon during the Joint Scholars
Convocation of  The International Honor Societies
On August 1, Morel Dominic Umipon will be starting off his 1st day as a medical student of the UP College of Medicine when he heads toward the Calderon Hall, the main building of the prestigious medical school. He, together with other medical students of Class 2022, will be conquering another series of studies that would prepare him to be a next generation doctor. And in a few months, he again will be bringing books, posting note cards, and pulling all-nighters to study the lessons he would one day depend on, including his future patients.

His experience in applying for UPCM

When Umipon applied for UPCM, he wasn’t really aware of the deadlines and requirements in medical schools. He has just overheard that the deadline was very near and so, he submitted his requirements within the last days of the process. When he passed his application, he was just continuously praying, hoping that his submission would at least be accepted.

Weeks after, while he and Vincent Kua Lunario (Riboswitch) were eating at a restaurant, news came in that the latter qualified for the interview when someone texted him. Though Umipon was proud for the latter’s feat, he was also anxious that he might never be able to study at UPCM.  Fortunately, he received a text telling him that he also qualified for the interview. At that point, he was not able to focus in reviewing for his upcoming exam out of deep joy and sheer astonishment.

On the interview day, Umipon admitted that he was really anxious of what would happen since he  admitted that he doesn’t know how to respond to questions that are either personal or opinionated, though he was excellent in the academic ones. When his turn came, he tried to calm himself as he sat down. As what he expected, he was asked a series of personal questions. He felt afterwards that he has not given the exact answers to the questions, and this saddened him. He thought he would not pass the interview and he felt sorry for his beloved mother who hopes he would have a chance to qualify.

Days have passed when, out of nowhere, he got a news from his friend that he qualified for UPCM. Surprised with what he learned, he was somehow teary-eyed and delighted at the same time. His dream that he only thought of is already a reality that he can see. His five-year path is already cleared for him.

His plans after med school

Once he pass the licensure exam, Umipon plans to specialize in Internal Medicine because he wants to help his family and relatives who were, in the first place, one of his inspirations in taking the medical track. He also desires to work in a public hospital since he wants to provide medical care for the underprivileged. He also added that he desires to work as a barrio doctor especially in his mother’s hometown in Zamboanga because he feels that it is there where his service would be of utmost help to the people who live far-off from the city. Lastly, he wants to setup his own clinic, a thing which he and his mother dream to have.

His achievements

For two straight years (2015 and 2016), Umipon ranked 3rd among his batch in the roster of the Top CAS Outstanding Students. He is also a member of the International Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi and the Phi Sigma Biological Honor Sciences Society for his exemplary performance in academics. In fact, during the first semester of the Academic Year 2016-2017, he was able to obtain a GWA of flat 1.00 while having a full load. He is presumed to have a distinction of magna cum laude once he graduates.

His leadership

Umipon handled some key roles in the organization. In 2015, when he first joined GeneSoc, he started out as a Projects Committee member. He was then appointed as the Head of the Medicine and Supplies Committee of the Medical Mission the next year. And, in the Academic Year 2016-2017, he became part of the Executive Committee when he was elected as the Education Committee Head.

When asked about his hopes he said, “Although my journey is just about to start, for me, my duty is not as grand as to save everyone in this world from cancer, but to save individual life, one after the other”.

He also wishes that there will come a time when, “…death is not the only choice for sick people”.