Official Statement of The UPLB Genetics Society on The SAIS Fiasco

The UPLB Genetics Society, one with the student body, strikes against the exploitation of students with a dubiously expensive system that fails at delivering any satisfactory service. 

With a hefty price tag of about ONE BILLION for the eUP project, the Student Academic Information System (SAIS) is expected to be a program that no longer needs to learn from the previous mistakes of the now extremely reliable homegrown programs of the different UP campuses. Without any consultation with the student body, President Alfredo E. Pascual (PAEP) pushed upon trashing these programs (SystemOne and CRS, among others) to protect his personal interests for a parting legacy in the form of eUP. 

SAIS has failed through and through from UP Manila, UP Cebu, UP Baguio and, now, UP Los Baños. Frequent system shutdowns and the absence of contingency plans paralyzed the SAIS Team and left the students clueless on how to proceed with the registration. However, PAEP chose to turn a blind eye to this distress and have stayed mum on the consequences of his actions. 

Untrue to its vision, SAIS does not intend to make the registration easier and more accessible to all students. It has divided the students into illogical registration appointments that have forced many to consider filing LOAs or transferring to other universities, citing reasons such as frozen SAIS accounts due to pending loans and insufficient academic units. 

Moreover, this system has put many students in danger by setting the start of registration at odd hours and by blocking the connection of students outside the UPLB network, forcing them to camp inside the campus in the dangerous wee hours.

We send a blunt message to the administration and the taxpayers of our esteemed country. Help stop this senseless abuse of authority and terminate this program before its price tag shoots up again. 

JUNK SAIS, but most importantly, INVESTIGATE SAIS.