From Pen to President: Merc Matienzo is set to lead GeneSoc on its 33rd year


Los Baños, Laguna – The UPLB Genetics Society has elected its GENEWS Editor-in-Chief, Merc Emil Matienzo of Batch Riboswitch, as its president for Academic Year 2016-2017.

Matienzo’s general plan of action aims for GeneSoc to transcend all of its momentous years with passion and excellence-driven endeavors. He plans to achieve this by keeping the spirit of solidarity as the central virtue that unifies its members.

He also proposed slogans for GeneSoc’s 33rd year such as: “Excellence is an understatement” and “Transcending excellence through boundless passion for service and commitment.”

The other nominees for president were Lorenzo Roxas and Rodrigo Curiba, both from Batch Riboswitch.

On Matienzo’s plans for Academic Year 2016-2017

Matienzo hopes for a smooth execution of all the organization’s activities, undeterred by the need for adjustment with the advent of PalaCASan 2016. He plans to impose this through a more “stringent and strict” planning and execution of activities.

With the rising pressure and anticipation for PalaCASan 2016, Matienzo is certain to bring a sports festival that will be in parallel with GeneSoc’s brand of executing national activities. He is also pleased to say that GeneSoc is excited to start the preparations for the semester-long event.

Moreover, Matienzo, fronting GeneSoc, promises to give the organizations within the College of Arts and Sciences the kind of PalaCASan they truly deserve.

On “Presumptive Legacy”
For this term, Matienzo hopes to “maintain and retain the glorious years” of The UPLB Genetics Society as it continues to raise awareness about the science of Genetics in and beyond UPLB.

Meet Merc Matienzo
Matienzo is a BS Biology student Major in Cell and Molecular Biology.

He is known for making GENEWS real-time and establishing a network for the publication such as the UPLB Foundation, Inc., which became its sponsor. 

Matienzo has also released two GENEWS issues:

GENEWS Online posts have raised the total page views to 21,000 and counting, making the site one of the most viewed campus online student organization publication.

Ongoing elections
Meanwhile, GeneSoc is currently completing its Executive Committee and Special Positions lineup.  The tentative date for the Induction and Oath-taking Ceremony of the new officers is May 27.