Saturday, January 30, 2016

BEAUTY AND GLORY | Miss PalaCASan 2015 Nadine Lutao talks about her astonishing victory

Elegance. Glamour. Audacity. Miss GeneSoc 2015 Nadine Lutao (center) during the Mr. and Ms. PalaCASan 2015 Coronation Night held last November 21, 2015 at La Vista Resort, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna.

Three months ago, GeneSoc beauty stood at the highest pedestal of splendor as Miss GeneSoc was crowned Miss PalaCASan 2015.

During the Q&A round of the Top 5, the candidates were given 60 seconds to interpret the photo that will be flashed on the screen. Lutao glimmered and stood out among the rest when she nailed the answer confidently and earned the crowd's consonance.

Photo Courtesy: The UPLB Genetics Society FB Page
In her red gown, Lutao beautifully set an atmosphere of confidence at the stage as she gracefully walked and took her wave after she was announced as Miss PalaCASan 2015.

"I was honestly shocked because I really did not expect to even place after not getting any special awards. At first I couldn't believe that it happened. I thought I was just dreaming," said Lutao on clinching the crown straight.

The GENEWS Team set a one-on-one interview with this stunner with the thrill of sharing her experience as the reigning Miss PalaCASan and extend her views as she speak up more for herself this time.

GENEWS: How has winning the pageant changed you?

LUTAO: Winning the pageant has definitely brought me out of my comfort zone. I've always been shy especially when it comes to putting myself out to the public but Mr. & Ms. PalaCASan helped boost my self-esteem and confidence. The pageant made me realize that the first step in achieving my goals is to simply believe in myself.

Monday, January 18, 2016

5 Study Hacks To Survive and Thrive Next Semester

By Rochelle B. Sarmiento (Polylinker)

New year, new professors, same campus crush, old yet fresh ways to deal with the new semester.

Driven by the idea that we want you to make the story out of the next few months worth writing on the blank pages of 2016, we present here some study facts and hacks that might help your relationship with the one that never leaves you - Acads - come into a better and clearer point.

One integral part of studying is having complete notes. A study reveals that students who take down notes have better understanding of the concepts and facts, and are far able to generalize and integrate the information they have written compared to those who have transcribed the lecture by typing them onto their laptops. 

However, do not limit yourself only to the details articulated by the professors. Never be complacent— do further readings and research about the discussion, so you will have a wider grasp and appreciation of the subject matter. 
An average user checks on his phone 150 times each day, a study suggests. Having the said gadget an arm-length away may bring about frizzles to the habit of unlocking it, distracting you while you are seriously studying some course materials.

You have to be free from any attention-diverting ambiance, so get rid of as many distractions as possible while working. If you cannot concentrate because you constantly keep on checking notifications and tweets, log out your social media accounts. If you find yourself on episodic cues waiting for text messages, then put your phone on airplane mode or, better yet, shut it off. The notifications and texts will always stay where they are even after you are done crossing off everything from your to-do list.
(The only catch, however, is if the material you have to study for is saved on your gadget.)

Friday, January 1, 2016

GeneSoc, 16 other student orgs support UP LABS' dissent on SC BtTalong ruling

Photo: UP LABS Facebook Page

LOS BANOS, LAGUNA - On December 30. 2015, the University of the Philippines League of Agricultural Biotechnology Students (UP LABS) released its dissent on the recent Supreme Court Ruling on BtTalong and the nullification of the Department of Agriculture Administrative Order 08-2002 (Read more on Rappler). The statement gained the support of 17 student organizations and student councils, including The UPLB Genetics Society.

UP LABS' statement was also featured online by GMA News, Interaksyon and Rappler.

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The following are the student organizations that have indicated concurrence to the UP LABS' SC ruling dissent: