Saturday, December 5, 2015


By Dale Joseph Diño (Phagemids)

Loud, unharmonious sounds of blending “S”s and “G”s, with bottles banging the cement stairs, and overused voices chant their signature cheers overwhelm the atmosphere as it devours the whole court when the clock strikes the first game of the concluding match of PalaCASan 2015’s Basketball Men’s Division. The night was filled with echoes of hope and courage that shoots out of the star-filled sky. Players from both sides get ready to face each other in the much awaited face-off – which is a déjà vu because this happened at the same court, same time and same place last year. The only thing new here are the new faces nervously waiting, and new timbre of voices piercing the night sky. And when the referee blew his whistle, it all began.

Defending the title and aiming for a two-peat championship, members of Genesoc are very eager and nervous. On the other side of the court, members of SAM-UP equally feels the same way aiming to claim the basketball championship crown which was stolen from them from last year’s PalaCasan. After the first jump ball, everything happened swiftly. Players ran from both sides of the court with their squeaking shoes (and not to mention, sweat not dripping, but flowing out of their skin). Every dribble of the ball makes everyone’s heart thump, and every point from each player was followed by a loud cheer motivating players inside the court to bag this year’s trophy. In the first half, SAM-UP was leading with over 20 point difference. This did not made Genesoc lose their knees and continued the fight to the second half showing what the past champions are made of. Then when fourth quarter came, tables were turned. Genesoc and SAM-UP tied their score. This made the cheer turned into an uproar. The unharmonious cheering in the start became an orchestration towards the end of the game. Both organizations’ chant powerfully drove every player in their game. As the countdown for the last ten seconds began, everyone was clenching their hands, praying something for their respective organization and as the moment approaches…3…2…1, the referee signaled the end of the game. At that very same time, Genesoc belted out their cheer which echoed the night sky with “Puso at Talino (Passion and Excellence)”.  Genesoc - 1; SAM-UP – 0.