Biology is Fun: Cell Press launches free Color-in Comic Books

by Ryan Pascual (Regulon)

"At Cell Press, we think biology is fun."

True to their website opening statement, Cell Press Comics tries to make biology appealing across all ages - from kids to the kid at heart. According to the site, Coloring with Cell, a coloring book, was launched several years ago and it became popular among scientists, educators and children. 

Two coloring books are available for free download: Coloring with Cell (2010), and Color-in Comics: Neurons at Play. Color-in Comics, Cell Press's second coloring book recently had it debut at the 2015 American Society for Neuroscience conference in Chicago. 

Get to know more about these exciting materials, learn how the Cell Press team developed and created the coloring and comic books and find out what they have to say about the future of the series in this Cell Press Cross Talk article.

Cell Press is a leading publisher of cutting-edge biomedical reserach and reviews. It is home to the journal Cell, Neuron, Immunity and Molecular Cell. Under the Elsevier company, Cell Press publishes 14 hallmark primary research journals, 4 primary research journals published on behalf of learned societies and 15 Trends review journals, including including gold open access publications such as Cell Reports and Stem Cell Reports.

Get your free copies (PDF) from Cell Press Comics (