'OSA will be known as student-centered unit' says new director

by Merc Emil P. Matienzo (Riboswitch)

The newly appointed director of Office of Student Affairs, Dr. Nina Cadiz.
Photo Courtesy | Nadine Lutao
Former Institute of Biological Sciences (IBS) Director, Dr. Nina Cadiz finds her new home at the Office of Student Affairs after fruitfully serving the Institute for three years.

Dr. Leticia Afuang, the previous OSA Director, entrusted the official OSA seal to Dr. Cadiz in the turn over ceremony held last June 1, 2015 at the Makiling Hall, Student Union Building with Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Portia Lapitan.

Left to right: Dr. Leticia Afuang, Dr. Nina Cadiz, and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Portia Lapitan.
Photo: UPLB Office of Student Affairs - UPLB OSA Facebook page
"Under my term, I think OSA will be known as student-centered unit of UPLB," said Dr. Cadiz when asked about the future of the office under her directorship.

In an exclusive interview with the GENEWS Team, Cadiz admitted that she had mixed feelings upon knowing that she will be sitting as the new director. In fact, she told the team that she already started processing her sabbatical leave, but has to be stopped along the way because of the position.

Director Cadiz was hand-picked by the Chancellor, contradictory to the belief that there was a selection process in OSA directorship just like in the Institute and other smaller offices.

"I would like the students to know that OSA is a student-centered office. They should have nothing to be afraid of because OSA in itself is a leader in achieving the goals of the University and creating a wholesome experience... I mean world-class experience for our students," Dr. Cadiz emphasized.

Aside from being the student-centered unit in UPLB, she also pointed out that OSA is actually the 'heart' because it serves the students, and it's not just about signing papers and permits; OSA covers all sorts of student services.

Cadiz revealed that this July, she will be conducting a 'retooling' workshop in each of the offices as her initial plan of action "so that we can realign services; how we can improve better [for] the students."

On freshmen recruitment of student-organizations

The director is bold enough to say that the first year of students in the University should be the "leveling off" stage for them to adjust; no recruitment process for freshmen shall be conducted.

However, she also stated her appreciation of the student-organizations while saying she's not against their advocacy and objectives, "In fact, I will encourage them to join an organization, a sorority, a fraternity of their choice in which they think would help hone and improve their personality, relationship with others, and their academic life. But the first year, it should be their adjustment period."

Meanwhile, she reminded the team that "OSA is an office that does not discriminate students," Everyone should know that all are welcome in the office irrespective of their status and gender preference.

"Kaya nga student-centered office or service unit ng UPLB... kasi kayo ang aming priority," the newly appointed director said.