On Why You Should NOT Consider Diving Into The Gene Pool

Written by Rochelle B. Sarmiento (Polylinker)
News/Feature Writer
You have thought about it. Even once, it has crossed your mind as to whether or not you will join an organization during your stay in the university. You might have even gone to org orientations solely for their free dinners.  You listened to several members strive to make a dent on your neurons as they give their seemingly convincing testimonials with the intent to get you hooked into their beloved organizations in the near future. And perhaps, after attending a number of these orientations, you thought about putting up a list of orgs-to-join, ranked based on who served the best free food and gave the most utterly expressive yet encouraging talks.

Well, this time, you wouldn’t have to walk miles to attend GeneSoc’s orientations. At the comfort of the chair you’re sitting on, let us mull over five reasons why you shouldn’t consider drafting GeneSoc into your list of orgs-to-join—why you shouldn’t consider, what we call, diving into the gene pool.

That’s it! May these five realities help you decide if you really aspire to dive into the gene pool of brilliance, passion, and excellence. Do not act like a pyruvate, which can never decide if it will become acetyl CoA, oxaloacetate, alanine, lactate or ethanol. After all, the final verdict is yours.

But if you’re going to ask me why GeneSoc? Why not.


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