Becoming part of the GENOME


by Jean Reni De Guzman, Editosome
Originally Published August 2012

At first it was just anxiety. 

Anxious - because I don't know what is going to happen. Fear of the unknown. Who will be my batchmates? Will I quit? Will I be able to finish my tickler? There were some of the questions running in my mind when I decided to join The UPLB Genetics Society (GeneSoc). 

Before I became a member of the organization, I only have two major reasons why I wanted to join GeneSoc. First my mom is a proud alumna of GeneSoc (Sylvia Briones-De Guzman, F1). Second, I think GeneSoc is the home of refined scholars who believes in scholastic excellence. Now that I could say excellence is all about GeneSoc, I have to say an inevitable reason - GeneSoc keeps on pushing your limits and never let expand your horizon alone. 

It all started with a getting-to-know moment. As an applicant, I'm obliged to introduce myself to the members of the organization and as a sign of respect to the members, it was expected that I should do it without any prompt. I was definitely nervous especially since I'm scared to stand in front of a crowd. Nonetheless, I survived. After that I already knew in myself that this was the start of a couple of long-sleepless nights, and a life-long commitment and responsibility. 

Five days later, I met my batchmates. I was relieved to know that most of them were boys. I definitely need a helping hand in taking care of our only girl batchmate. We had our first dinner and we tried to know each other as much as we can. Reporting started the following day. Every night, right after reporting, we eat together. This was the time of the day that we talk about the silly things we learned during reporting. In the process we became more cranky but challenged. 

After a week of sleepless nights, the process finally ended. We had a whole leap of learning and experiences that are very much worthy to be shared to each other. Looking back at the process we went through, we shed tons of laughter especially when we remember how we get cranky and how stupidly we acted due to pressure. We looked at ourselves as gems that pressure has molded into diamonds. As early as now, we are already thankful to GeneSoc for helping us see the importance of responsibility, the necessity of initiative, the perks of having friends, and the prominence of academic excellence. 

The process we went through was definitely arduous yet we know that proving our worth as a valuable member of this respected organization is the more difficult task.