BioFreshmen Orientation 2012

The UPLB Genetics Society (GENESOC) took initiative in welcoming the newest batch of BS Biology isko't and iska's into one of the most prestigious institutes in UPLB - the Institute of Biological Sciences (IBS). The said event was held last June 13, 2012 at the IBS Lecture Hall Main which led to the formation of seven blocs with nearly 30 members each. The annual activity aims to assist the aspiring biologists in making the most out of their four years of stay in the University.

At first newcomers attended the three-hour program, the IBS Freshmen Orientation, led by another IBS organization. After listening to some speakers and the faculty themselves, the students proceeded to their first bloc meeting. Clustering into groups, they started acquainting with their blocmates. To better aide their adjustment in the University, they were given mini-survival booklets comprising essential tipes on how to be more efficient and prudent college students. After settling down, the seven blocs were then given a tour around some major buildings such as the Institute of Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences and CAS Annex 2, where majority of their classes will be held.

After the series of convival action, the Institute and spearheading organizations hoped that students were able to imbibe the essence of being a true Iskolar ng Bayan.