Sunday, December 21, 2008

Organizational Profile: The UPLB Genetics Society

The UPLB Genetics Society, also known as the UPLB GeneSoc, is an academic organization that was established in 1983, pioneered by 23 Biology and Agriculture majors. Through the years, the organization has strived to promote and create awareness about the science of Genetics in the country; to facilitate the interaction between the faculty and members of the organization; and to give each member an opportunity to discuss trends, activities and ideas in Genetics and its related fields. For the past years, the UPLB GeneSoc regularly sponsors activities including the regular BIO 30 Tutorials, annual BIO 30 InterLab Quiz Contest, IQlympics General Info-IQ Quiz Contest, the annual Genetics Week and Genetics Camp. Aside from these academic ventures, the organization has been holding outreach programs in different communities; and have been participating to athletic events within the college.