Sunday, December 21, 2008

Organizational Profile: The UPLB Genetics Society

The UPLB Genetics Society, also known as the UPLB GeneSoc, is an academic organization that was established in 1983, pioneered by 23 Biology and Agriculture majors. Through the years, the organization has strived to promote and create awareness about the science of Genetics in the country; to facilitate the interaction between the faculty and members of the organization; and to give each member an opportunity to discuss trends, activities and ideas in Genetics and its related fields. For the past years, the UPLB GeneSoc regularly sponsors activities including the regular BIO 30 Tutorials, annual BIO 30 InterLab Quiz Contest, IQlympics General Info-IQ Quiz Contest, the annual Genetics Week and Genetics Camp. Aside from these academic ventures, the organization has been holding outreach programs in different communities; and have been participating to athletic events within the college.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Reventar Aims High!

Written by Mark Arnel Marquez, Cosmids

In line with the Aim High Pinay Campaign of Modess, the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW), in cooperation with Women's Feature Service and Bridges@Com, launched a story contest inviting all women (teens, single young females, adults) to share stories of their own lives, or of other women they know who have exemplified the philosophy of Aim High Pinay.

On March 11, the Philippine Daily Inquirer published the paper submitted by Mary Rachel Reventar, a resident member of The UPLB Genetics Society. Reventar wrote about the Hope Intervention where she spearheaded an outreach program for the organization called “One Gene: One Child”. Later, Reventar was appointed as the Hope Outreach Committee Head. She has also served the organization's Editor-In-Chief for AY 2006-2007.

The Aim High Pinay Campaign aims to raise a higher level of consciousness for women to seek ways to further improve themselves, to do more and achieve more.

Below is an excerpt of the article.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

BioSci Kicks Out Org Tambayan

Written by Michelle Mateo (Polygenes)
Published in Print March 2008 Issue

Organizations under the Institute of Biological Sciences (IBS) had been existing for years, most are even more than 20 years old, and can be distinguished by the place they occupy or 'tambayan'. Tambayans in IBS are tables made of wood but to the organizations, these tables are more than that. Tambayan is "home", providing a sense of belongingness and security until they are asked to move these tables out of IBS.

Last January 7, an emergency meeting of organization heads with the IBS was called for by the Director's office (DO). In this meeting, the organizations were informed of the memo issued by the Bureau of Fire protection stating that the tambayans are fire hazards, blocking exits of the building. The orgs were given until January 15 to relocate. Another meeting followed a few days later to discuss possible relocation sites.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Response from a Participant: Genetics Camp 2008

Written by Mico Galang*
GenCamp Participant, Don Bosco College

Last January 26-27 I, together with my classmate Paul, batch mate Nikko and our Biology teacher Ma’am Mary Anne, went to the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) for the Genetics Camp 2008. My days stay at the University was a very good experience for me.

January 25, the day before going to the University, we had a meeting of what we are going to bring and how are going to get there. We had to bring clothes that are good for two days. I and my two companions went at Don Bosco to meet there. After that we went to Crossing and ride a jeep going to Robinson’s mall, the place where we met our teacher. We first went to a church to pray.  Then we went to a store and buy the necessary things. After that we went to the University.